lunes, 25 de julio de 2011


Time goes by and it never comes back.

All its left is the understanding of its true meaning.
That quickly fades away after some barcardi shots.

Years leave as soon as they come.
Wasting time is our genetic especialty.

Everything is doomed to end.
The roots, the voices, the sounds, the meanings, the moments.

The everlasting cycle of change.

Trying to relish an special momment is foolish.

Meaningless is safer.
Avoiding works divinely.
A decoit. The safest choice of the coward ones.

You learn to not take things for granted.
Granting things would be just too much.

Now is all... forever and ever.

You have already felt how crude pain can actually feel like.

Days are not just an x in the calendar
You have finally gotten to see them as what they really are.
An acumulation of hours, minutes and seconds.

You got to the light spot where you found out how mistaken life was.
The short way its not always the worst.
Making effors, shallowing your pride is not gonna make things better.

Better is highly overestimated.
Walking through the unexisting nowhere becames a delicious routine.

A bitter necesary one.

Sometimes, well... most of the time that sound is gonna come.

That tic tac the clock always but never does.

A subtle way of telling you what is there and what is not anymore.

Wishes, golds and all the meaningless crap you always have faith on..are now lost.
Empty is now so gone.

A kaleidoscope of bright twisted colors.

Colors that instead of waking you up, knock you down and out.
All what they can really do is just leave you more blind.

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